Monday, November 19, 2007

Bag it Up

Introducing our Reisenthel grocery bag. When open, it is wide enough to clip over the sides of your grocery cart. (It even has little hooks to keep it in place.) You can fill it as you shop and therefore know exactly what will fit inside when it's time to bag. It holds a TON of groceries as you can see, and when you're done, it rolls up and packs away.

To be honest, it has taken us some time getting into the swing of things with this bag. I have a smaller version-- also by Reisenthel, that was easier to get used to. It is compact enough that I always have it with me, and it's is fantastic for small trips like in and out of the pharmacy, just a few items from the grocery store, or even quick trips to the mall. Although small, it still holds up to 26 lbs! Since it is stored in my purse, it is easier to remember-- "Oh, I brought a bag.."

The larger Grocery bag you have to remember to take out of your trunk (If that is where it's being stored) and you have to coordinate the shopping: filling it as you go, and the unloading/refilling at the end. BUT, if you can face that small challenge, it is a REMARKABLE, WONDERFUL bag. In all sincerity, we love it. We have had so many conversations over it and gotten so many looks, but it is such really positive attention. Which is exactly what you want when trying to save the world.

Check out these websites for your own reusable bags. I love the ones from Green Kit. Very smart.

So the next time someone asks you, "Paper or plastic?" Try something new and reply, "Neither."

And here's an addition:

The entire time that I was writing this blog, I was thinking-- I need to make sure and mention where we GOT our bags. And then I got so excited about how great the bags are that everything else totally slipped my mind.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Camping at Last!

Mid November and we finally got a camping trip in. A quick trip up to see the North Georgia mountains. It was an absolutely beautiful weekend, and the perfect time of year to see the leaves change color. And cold enough for hot cocoa, but not too cold that we were miserable. We've done that trip before!! We hiked up the mountain, and then back down again. You can see from our pictures below the distance we traveled. Good times!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Saving the world...

One jug at a time. My husband brought this to my attention tonight-- the fabulous little disclaimer on the back of our laundry detergent bottle. Just a friendly reminder to use less petroleum products. I am constantly surprised by the list of products made from petroleum, from scented candles, to the tiny bits of packaging that are sold with a pack of batteries. It's everywhere. Even though plastic has become one of America's greatest commodities, and some of it CAN be recycled, it is still important for us as consumers to purchase less. Both in packaging, products, and ingredients.

And here's a fun fact that I learned this weekend. Anheuser-Busch is one of the largest recyclers of aluminum cans in the world. The whole entire world. They actually recycle more cans then they sell. They have also reduced the amount of aluminum in the beer cans they produce in order to better protect our natural resources. If you recycle your Bud cans, chances are, within about 60 days the cans you recycled will hit the store shelves again.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hello! Hello!

"I don't know why you say hello, I say goodbye."

O Christmas Tree (Skirt)

And my big project begins. I decided that I really wanted to make something functional. For myself. For Christmas. With rug hooking. And lo and behold, a tree skirt was born! I drew it on the computer, blew it up to 40 inches in diameter, printed it out (collated) on the copier at work, taped the 20 pages together, then traced it onto a giant piece of burlap. NOW. I just have to spend the next 20 years hooking it! Ha! I went with the 12 days of Christmas theme and started hooking in the middle at "Five Gold Rings." I'll add updates as I get more done. (In these pictures, "Five Gold Rings" is not entirely finished. Just in case you were wondering.)

Fabric Mountain

So as it turns out, I am a Hooker. A RUG hooker. I hook rugs, out of wool, into beautiful patterned works of art. It's something that my sister suggested I take up to make millions and millions of dollars after she saw it being done in England. It was a wonderful idea. Both the millions and millions of dollars part and the rug hooking part. The only problem is, of course, is lack of time. It takes quite a bit of time to do one rug, and I have very little time to do anything. So perhaps this is not how I will make my millions. But it is something I enjoy-- and something I enjoy doing with my girl friends. We actually have a regular Hooking Circle.

Gearing up for the holidays I decided to try and gather some supplies. A stop at Goodwill provided me with several women's brightly colored wool blazers that I have set about RIPPING to pieces. It was a lot more work that I had anticipated, but does provide a pretty good supply.

And Then There Was Pie

Taco Pot Pie, that is.

I made these pies for our friends Don and Andrea who just had their first baby about a week ago. I was so proud of the way they turned out that I had to memorialize them in pictures, and then of course, on the blogoshpere. They are just so... pretty.