Monday, September 17, 2007

New News

Well, something exciting is happening in the world of Blogs today. I'm expanding! It feels strange to say this as I haven't been at my blog for very long, and I am sure that those who read and follow along are my own circle of dearest friends and family. It's a small community! BUT. Seeing as The Greener Bee has two very different focuses (my card line and saving the world) I have decided to separate the two ideas and complete my own train of thought.

Mainly for the purpose of trying to get my small business off the ground, you can now find all of my card designs at I will continue posting to the Greener Bee with all sorts of wonderful and fantastic things, and will occasionally post some designs here as well. Keep your eyes open and check both sites frequently as I am hoping for an autumn FULL of productivity!

(You can find the new blog in my Get Personal list.)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Olive My Christmas Cards!!

Baby cards are now officially put on hold until after the holidays. I didn't get as many done as I had hoped, but I do feel good about the start and will be excited to pick them up again later. It's always easier to go back to a job that has been started. NOW... We move on to Christmas! Well, Holiday cards to be exact. Neal and I decided to go ahead and offer the entire line that we developed last year in addition to the new ones that will be done this year. We want to build up our inventory, see what sells, and then eventually take out the ones that never do. (Like THAT is going to happen!! Haha!) This should be a busy week for me as I scurry to get some done before our business meeting next Sunday. Keep checking back for updates!!

Here are my first few Holiday cards for this year.

And by the way-- let me just take a moment to thank all of my wonderful sample models! Without you, my cards would just look empty. These are all actually clients of Neals at iNward Studio.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Lights, Camera...

Action! Two exciting things happened today. FIRST-- our new kitchen composter came in the mail. Yeah! It is everything I had hoped for and not one bit disappointing. I guess I was afraid it would be too big, or too small... or cheap. But it is none of those things! And the place where you change out the carbon filters (used to eliminate odor) even has a pretty little die cut picture. We had been waiting everyday for the composter to show up on the doorstep, so it was quite the celebration today when it finally did.

The second exciting thing that happened today: Today was the end of three full days of charging our new solar garden lights. That meant it was time to turn them on! I have to say that these have been the easiest, niftiest little things I have run across in a while. They don't put out a LOT of light, they are just little LED lights, but they do provide some illumination and the over all effect is nice. Especially in the back yard where, for some reason, they seem to be brighter.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Fall Flowers

It is now officially September and I already feel fall approaching. It's not in the air, not in the temperature per se, but in the wind! Football is here, baseball is winding down, the kids are back in school once more, and my husband and I just celebrated our two year anniversary of living in this house. It must be fall!

Labor Day weekend inspired some new things in us this year. Mainly, plants. My mother came by for a visit and we inadvertently ended up at a local "Art in the Park," festival where we came across two things we could not live without. The first was the bird bath that I have had in my mind for several weeks now. Cobalt blue with three darling little Blue Birds of Happiness perched on the edges. I had no idea that the bird bath in my mind would end up being something so nice in reality! What luck!

The second item we found is a strangely beautiful steel decorative post that hangs a pot of flowers. Mom and I each got one of these as we were so taken with them. But upon returning home, and looking around my cleanly cut but barren lawn, I felt that my new decorations deserved a little bit more color, a little bit more style, and inspiration hit and I have spent the last day and a half filling in the blanks.

My new post needed not only a pot to go in it's cradle, but a plant to fill the pot. My long desolate front garden had been begging all summer for actual life, and in my travels to gather the supplies I would need, I came across a couple of new finds as well. Yeah! I purchased a great set of steel garden fencing to frame my soon to be filled garden, and I also got a huge set of copper and glass SOLAR lights to decorate the paths in both the front and back yards. The light set is great-- they take three full sunny days to charge up the first time, but after the initial charge they simply run off of the daily sunlight. A sensor tells them when it gets dark and the lights automatically come on and stay on until they run out of energy several hours later. But the next day's sunlight starts the process over again.

My husband and I got the lights set up, got some new plants planted in the front garden and in containers on the back deck, and got the garden fencing all set up and installed. It was a lot more "yard work," than either one of us are used to, but the plants look phenomenal and we are both so pleased to have them.