Monday, October 20, 2008

Now News is Good News

It has been such a long time since I last posted an entry on my blog that I am finally sitting down to post just to post. I'd rather have something earth shattering and wonderful to share with the world, but as it is, all is well and calm and stable (regardless of the economic crisis) in our lives. (For the most part!)

We have been continuing with our efforts to live "greenly," but have not really taken on any new challenges here of late. I did finally purchase the Doggy Potty-- the pet septic tank system, but I haven't gotten it installed yet. It requires a post hole digger, which we do not own, to create a four foot deep hole in yard, and now that it has started getting cooler here in Ohio-- that hole may just have to wait until spring! It is a great idea, though. Instead of leaving poop on the ground (which is not even an option in our tiny yard,) and instead of using plastic bag after plastic bag to pick it up and throw it away, the doggy potty breaks it down into a safe, non toxic material that can be reabsorbed into the earth without contaminating ground water. It's the best thing I have found to deal with the "problem" of pet poop.

Well. Enough about that. In other news, I am still picking tomatoes off of my two huge plants. Yesterday I pulled 12 good ones off and about 8 bad ones (ones that were left too long!) I then made a delicious homemade marinara out of the good ones that will be used later in the week to make homemade pizza. Yum! What a good feeling. To grow your own vegetables and then be able to enjoy the benefits. I have eaten several of the tomatoes already, but I have not made anything out of them until now. I will have to post pictures of the pizza when it is done!

My husband and I finally had our first camping trip of the year! It was really late for us as we usually camp in the spring as well as the fall. But moving across the country this past spring kind of derailed our usual plans. This fall trip was not only our first camping trip of the year, but it was also our first adventure into the great wilds of Ohio! We had gorgeous Indian Summer like temperatures, but the color and look of autumn on all of the trees. I'd like to go again before it gets too cold, but I may already be out of time. My husband keeps asking about snow camping.... !!!

Right now, my efforts and stress levels are focused on Christmas. I am the person who strives to have all of her shopping done by Thanksgiving. As that holiday is only a month away, I am ready to get things started and done with! I would love to give green, recycled, earth friendly gifts this year, but that simply may not be possible. I also played with the idea of giving homemade gifts, as I consider every year, but that always ends up being so much more stress than I can handle. Right now I am in research mode. If anyone has any good ideas, don't hesitate to share!

That is all for today. Hopefully there will be more to share as the month goes on. Thanks for staying tuned in through the lull.