Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Every Girl Needs to Feel Pretty

Abby got a hair cut. These pictures are a little late in getting posted as they took place at the very end of December. But I still think they are too funny to miss. There are some before and after pictures that don't really do her justice-- how shaggy she really was versus how sleek and stunning she became. But the "during" photograph is amazing. And that wasn't even half of the hair that I took off of her. Poor thing. It's good to feel pretty. She was a much happier dog once it was done.

Lo and Behold, SNOW

I live in the South. So whenever there is a flurry of activity in the sky it is major news. And fun. I didn't get out of work for this snow.. (which I thought was terribly unfair) but I did get to leave early. Ha!! We have actually gotten two snow days this week with more anticipated for this weekend. It doesn't stay long, so I just had to post some pictures. My husband took these. He was the one brave enough to go out in the cold!


Some really nice, stylish, compact bags to take with you anywhere. Use them at the grocery store for a quick trip, at the pharmacy for lotion and cold medicine, or when your hands are full and you just need a little help carrying all your stuff home. These are COOL. Click on the title of the blog to be taken directly to their website. Also-- if you buy a pack of 5 (yes-- they are so cute you may just want all five) they are running a deal where they throw in a shower timer. (I am still working on that personally.. shorter showers. Must take shorter showers..)

Monday, January 21, 2008

New Links

I happened upon some really great new links today. Take a moment and browse through them. (You may have to type them into the address bar as I am having difficulty establishing an actual "link.")

Especially nice is Local Harvest as it pertains specifically to the part of the country you live in, (just type in your zip code.) It can help you find local farmers markets, food co-ops, organic grocery stores, and even restaurants that utilize local farms and seasonal crops rather than mass produced chemically treated fruits and vegetables. It's really eye opening to see what's available out there-- you are not the only one looking for fresh alternatives.

I love the idea of a food co-op: you pay a set price for a set amount of boxes, then once a week drop off your empty box and pick up a new box full of fresh, seasonal, organic (in some cases) fruits and vegetables that come from a variety of local farmers. Each week's selection is likely to be different than the last depending entirely on what's ripe and ready to be eaten at that time. It's also a great way to be introduced to some new things you may otherwise shy away from in the grocery store.

Green Home has LOTS of products and information on how to be greener. Ideas for your home, ideas for your garden, for clothes --even for renovating your house. There are definitely some ideas and products here that I hadn't seen before-- like the great, easy installation tubular sky lights. I want several!Look through it all and get inspired!

Lastly is a website called Great Schools. Now, I don't have children, but I have friends and family that do, and I know how important it is to THEM (and eventually to me too.. someday) to have your children go to a good quality, safe, and wonderful school. Here again you can type in your zip code and get a listing of all the schools in that county-- both private, public, and charter schools, (although I am not sure about "all". I haven't seen any Montessori schools listed but I am not sure if that's because they are skipped or because they are simply not there.) You can click on a school in that county and learn about student to teacher ratios, testing scores, how much money was spent on what that year... LOTS of information. And there is a place for parents to write in feedback, give comments, and even rate the schools.

So if you are moving, as I know at least two families with little ones are, this may help in picking exactly which area of your new city or town you end up living in. Or at least prepare you for what's there.




These links are listed to the right under Get Green. Get Good. Just click on the names to be taken to the websites.