Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tomato, Tomahto

I think it must have been back in May when I first purchased my two little tomato plants. It was one of those love at first sight moments-- I saw the little sprouts from across the aisle, looked upon those scrawny stems and knew instantly that they had to be mine! At 6 inches tall they were anything but impressive, but I have wanted desperately to start gardening produce, and tomatoes seemed like the perfect place to begin.

There is a little corner of dirt that wraps around the side of our garage that gets full, hot sun most of the day. So I had the perfect spot. However, as soon as I brought them home I realized that I knew nothing about growing anything. But with a little internet research and ingenuity (if I do say so myself) I got it all pulled together. I knew that they would grow tall, and in doing so, would need some type of support. But being impatient, I refused to put off the planting in order to go out and buy something proper. Instead, I found (what I later learned is a "for sale" sign post) a metal "H" that was perfectly 24" wide, and what I thought would be the perfect height. (They have now outgrown my "H") With a little love, water, and fearlessness (oh my word, there are a LOT of WORMS in Ohio!!) I got the little ones growing.

In any case, I am thrilled to be the proud parent of two, gigantic tomato plants. Today I counted a whopping 8 little green fruits on their way to deliciousness! What more could a woman ask for.