Monday, December 29, 2008

By the Way...

So, a few months ago now, we bought a new sofa. This alone is not blog worthy, but in my continual attempts to be greener, I bought my sofa second hand. Eww, right? Only it's darling and antique and doesn't quite have the same gross out factor that most second hand sofas have.

I looked and looked and looked online for a sofa that would compliment my two wood and gold velvet captains chairs that I got from my parents. I grew up with these chairs, and when Mom and Dad decided their tastes had matured past this elegant style, I decided mine had hit the mark.

It took me months of patient internet shopping to finally come across the one sofa that was 1. the right type, 2. the right price, and 3. in decent condition. We plan on reupholstering the piece eventually, but in the mean time we hit a big number 4. The right color. It almost matches the gold chairs perfectly. And it certainly has completed our room.

Kitchen Reno-Vation

We are also doing some slight remodeling in our kitchen this week as well. As if the studio spackling wasn't enough! However, this work isn't being done by us. A friend and mutual friend (same person) "does walls," so he came over today and ripped out the framing for the so called spice rack cupboards that came with the house. (The picture above is old-- before we moved the microwave and added the antique cupboard-- but it was the best shot of the spice racks I could find.) The idea of the cupboards wasn't bad, it was the cardboard shelves that did it for me. Out! It was a wonderful sound hearing that framing coming down! The job should be done by the end of the week. Keep watching the blog for more pictures!

Also-- since the spice rack cupboards (that are now gone!) had the same hardware that the rest of the kitchen cabinets has, I now have a couple of extra and have decided to replace the handles on the wooden cupboard that we added. Now everything will be consistent. Love it.

Putting the Tomatoes to Bed

Snow came early to Ohio this year, but it was still probably well past the normal season for Ohio tomato crops. I don't know why I held on so long! The good news is, I learned a ton from growing my own tomatoes, and I am really looking forward to doing it again next year. I am even considering expanding my crops to include other vegetables. I am also now armed with an entire arsenal of canning equipment, so you should all expect wonderful jams, jellies, and salsas for Christmas presents in '09. Just warning you. I'm going to be a Canning Monster!

Renovation Among Us!

I am so excited to announce that I have finally begun remodeling my studio! One of the big draws to buying this house back in March was that it had a Man Basement for my man, and a "4th bedroom" for my studio. I have never had my own studio before, except if you count the tiny loft space in college that all the seniors were assigned.

This room was designated mine for it's shear lack of potential to be anything else! It is covered with knotted (holey) wood paneling, has low dingy ceilings, orange shag carpet, one old window, no heat, no air, and built ins that will not let go. For the average person this room would be called "the pits," and I am sure that the previous owners thought just that. I don't think they ever even used it-- maybe for storage, but when I first saw the house with my realtor it was indeed staged to be a 4th bedroom (complete two little twin beds tucked into the built ins.) I saw beyond 60's facade and recognized all those built ins would nicely hold my art supplies, that the weird sectioned walls would give me "nooks" for rug hooking, painting, and there was space enough for my desk and maybe even room for my computer. The possibilities are endless.

The big problem of course, was that all of these dreams of mine would require hard work to get the room where I wanted it to be- and there would be no creating anything in this room until all that hard work was done.

So. Again. I am proud to announce that the hard work has begun! The first step is to fill in ALL the knotty holes in the wood paneling. Two jugs of spackle and several hours and sore hands later, one wall is done! Yeah!

Keep checking back over the coming week for more updates. I'm now having dreams about this room so I am finally highly motivated.

New Year New

I just wanted to drop a quick post to all of my friends and family who follow my blog. We just celebrated a fabulous Christmas 2008, and are about to embark on the wonderful adventure of 2009. I can't tell you all how excited I am about the upcoming year and the unnamed possibilities of health and happiness that it holds. I always see the new year as a time for setting priorities, reevaluating life, and refocusing on the things that are most important. For me, that is my husband, my family and friends, my girls, and my creative work. I look forward to sharing upcoming developments with all of you over the coming months. Cheers to you, and Happy New Year!