Saturday, March 28, 2009

This Bread is Bananas!

B-A-N-A-N-A-S!! That's all. It's just banana bread. Mmmmmmm. Banana bread.


The "Before" and "Afters" of my kitchen wall.

The entire kitchen got painted, the two windows got new curtains, and this wall, this wall got the old spice cabinets removed, a new added cabinet for extra work space, new drywall installed, new paint, and now-- new shelves! We are so excited. The storage capacity of the kitchen just increased by 15 more feet of space, and the wall seems to finally "fit in" to the function of a kitchen.

These elfa shelves came courtesy of The Container Store, one of my favorite places in the world (I used to be a full timer.) If you need me to sell you on this high quality system I'd be happy to, as they are the best-toughest-strongest-never break-never rust shelves you can get anywhere. No joke. I even offer installation lessons. The Container Store is having a 30% off elfa sale now though May 10th. (Can you hear the man in the background chanting... "hurry, hurry, hurry!")

The whole thing makes me want to sigh in relief... "Ahhhh..."

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Coolest Laundry Hamper Around

Check out these amazing, extra large hampers! These are by Jenny Hurth at Elbow Grease Designs in San Francisco and are made from discarded vinyl signs and banners. Check our the website to see lots more great products out of these materials.

Elbow Grease Designs

Green Coffee Sleeves!

... Since I mentioned it below I thought I would go the extra mile and do a quick update about the "insulation rings" for coffee cups. (But if you google them don't search it that way! Try "green coffee sleeves" instead.) Here's a great website with some very trendy sleeves retailing for about $12. If you drink coffee regularly it can really add up to a worthy investment. Plus they are just plain cool.

Check it out! These are from Wishing Fish.

(Take a look around Wishing Fish. They also sell some great Envirosax Reusable bags and the Not a Paper Cup! Yeah!)

Not a Paper Cup

Like me, you may have seen this product for sale in a number of places. I had seen it and thought -- Wow, what a great idea! But not being too much of a shopper left it at that. Then, back in December, one of my friends gave it to me as a birthday gift! As I like try out new and exciting green products and report the skinny, I thought I'd share.

This is called, "I'm not a paper cup," and is in fact NOT a paper cup but a porcelain cup with a silicon, heat resistant lid. The outside of the cup is matte (to look dull like paper) and the inside is coated to repel stains and odors like a regular coffee mug. I already have a slew of to-go coffee mugs in my attempts to be-greener, but somehow this little lidded mug had the perfect spot in my life as an in-office afternoon tea cup. It's nice because it's easily washable, non disposable, cute, readily available, and --- has a lid! (Unlike other coffee cups.) The only con I have found so far is that it gets very hot, like mugs will, and there is no handle and no insulation ring a la Starbucks. They do sell reusable insulation rings though, so maybe that will be my next purchase.

All in all, the cuteness wins here. It's ideal for me, where there is coffee and tea readily available at work throughout the day, (we have a Starbucks here, in the building) and it's a nice way to refuel without the waste.

The bottom image I found online when searching for extra info about the cup. Someone had decorated theirs to give it a little extra "personality."

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Make Over March

Ever since I started this blog I wanted to do my own header (above.) I finally figured it out. Either that, or blogger finally made it so easy I could figure it out. Regardless, I was finally able to post my own header, and I decided to try out a new template as well to incorporate more green!! Right now there are things I am trying to tweak, but I am liking the overall feel. What do you think?