Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Madsen Cycles!

Ok-- so this has to be one the neatest things I have seen in a while. Or-- as my husband would say, "a-wHiLe." (That's a shout out.)

Presenting the new Madsen Cargo Cycle. Available in two styles: Rack & Bucket, and in three fantastic color choices. As many of you know, I fantasize about becoming a serious biker. Not like, the athletic kind, although there IS that, but the "instead of car kind." Last year I did a trial run from the house to my office to see how it would go and decided it was totally doable, but then I took forever considering the logistics of carrying a change of clothes, my lunch, my purse, and on and on. Apparently I am not such a light traveler.

However, I also love the idea of biking for errands. My husband and I frequent our local market at least biweekly with our handfuls of cloth and reusable bags. We have some regular vendors now (shout out to Joe!) and love the ritual of the whole thing. In my daily efforts to be greener, this is right up my alley.

Here's a small blurb on the Bucket version from their website.

Load up the kids and head to the market. The kg271/BUCKET model will carry your precious cargo and help you complete all your errands in style. The BUCKET comes equipped with a removable seat and two seat belts.

Click on the link to the left (See BIKE!) for pictures and more information. They are also having a contest and a free bike giveaway to 1. people who post about them and 2. the most hits they get from other sites! Help me win! Check out the Madsen today!