Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Winds of Change...

The coolest thing happened in Cleveland a couple of months ago.  Just like any other day, I was driving along on the small stretch of highway in between my house and my office, when I looked up and noticed that someone was erecting a giant pole.  Seriously.  A giant pole right on the edge of the highway in what appeared to be someone's backyard.  On my way home later that evening, the crane had moved up the giant pole and had begun attaching blades. 

That's right. 

Giant, humungous, blades... of a fan... to collect wind energy.  In my neighborhood.

How cool is that? 

Over the next few weeks the completed windmill just stood there.  Occasionally the blades would be facing a different direction, and my husband and I nodded knowingly that "they" were collecting "wind data" and getting "reads."  But nothing other than that happened.  We drove around one evening, hunting down the base of the windmill to find that it was in fact off an alley behind the neighborhood, in a small tract of land just before the interstate.  There were no banners, no signs, no fan fare... just us.  Gawking lovingly up at it's statuesque figure. 

And still.  Nothing happened. 

I tried looking up information on the windmill, but the all knowing internet was shy with me.  According to it, there is just one windmill in Cleveland, which we all know is lakeside next to the Great Lakes Science Center.  It shines as a beacon of hope and future promises in a city of steel industry.  There have been lots of talks of wheels and deals to bring more windmills to Cleveland, 1. to improve the environment, 2. to improve Cleveland's environment, and 3. to get this city some jobs!  But we had always been told that these additions would be along the shore of Lake Erie, collecting the almost everflowing winds from Canada.

I am still shocked that the second tower went up in Old Brooklyn, at least five miles inland.

Then, this week, Monday to be exact, the most amazing and beautiful thing happened.  The blades started turning!  Driving westward to work in the morning, I looked up in awe to see them whipping through the air. Gracefully, silently, powerfully.  Each turn one step forward in a ceaseless battle towards clean energy.  On my way home they were still turning, and two more trips past the blades today prove that the windmill is ON.

For a city that has such a poor reputation for it's environmental faux pas (we have a BEER named Burning River...)  it is surprisingly on the forefront of quite a few environmental and biological research projects and movements.  Almost Phoenix like, ... life, and in this case progress, rises from the burned ashes. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Where has the time gone?

Don't you just hate bloggers who sit down and blog about not blogging?  Geesh. I know. Right?  (So we won't do that.)

But, the last couple of months have been harrowing here in Cleveland.  A cold fall moved in before summer had even started. Then, once all hope of fresh veggies and days of sunning by the shore were gone, it warmed up again--  just in time for that cross-seasonal flu/funk that follows the changing weather.  And don't get me started on the Swine Flu.  Knock on wood, it's missed my house so far, but I am doubtful of being able to ward it off forever. 

I've continued my household green efforts, but have admittedly slacked on my bike riding.  (I am ashamed, but it's true.)  There was some drama for a while with the garage holding my bike hostage, but the truth is, I lost some motivation.  Fall is always good for getting motivation back, so I am looking forward to that spark to get me going again.

My biggest green news is that Physician's Formula, Organic Wear is now making mascara!  Not a big deal to you dudes out there, but pretty huge for us ladies.  Mascara is pretty nasty tar-like stuff, and to have that in and around your eyes is just not good.  The new Organic Wear mascara is 100% natural, extends lashes beautifully, and stay soft all day long.  I was doubtful at first, but am a believer now.  The only drawback for me is that you have to put a few coats on to really get that wow effect.  Small price to pay for health and happiness. 

I also use their loose powder daily (and have for the last year and a half) and LOVE that.

If you haven't already, check em out.